Down Comforters

We specialize in renovating and cleaning your down comforters and feather beds to give them longer life and you a better night’s sleep using our special equipment that most cleaners don’t have to successfully process these items.

Bedspreads & Blankets

From twin to California King, we can clean all styles, fabrics and sizes.

Down Pillow Renovation

For a better sleep and luxurious feel you can count on our unique Pillow-Vac-System. Old ticking is discarded and replaced with an exclusive new feather-proof, down-proof ticking. Feathers are removed from the ticking, sanitized , deodorized and encased in the new ticking. We can return a customer’s old ticking by special request.
This unique cleaning process consists of emptying the feathers from the old ticking into the pillow machine. While in the machine the feathers are agitated by rotating brushes which fluff the feathers and allow the dirt and non-feather particles to settle to the bottom of the machine. Ozone lights deodorize the feathers as they are fluffed. After cleaning, the feathers are blown into a new pillow ticking. and your renovated pillows are returned to you in a plastic sealed bag.

Many soiled pillows contain up to a pound of dust and other foreign materials. After sanitizing, these are removed. If additional feathers are required to properly fill out the pillow, we can add replacement feathers. About 3 lbs. of good feathers make one regular pillow.

When pillows are divided to make more than the number sent in, a charge for each pillow returned will be made plus the equalizing charge. Pillows made from a feather bed are charged by the pillow at a higher unit price.