Other Apparel & Household Items

For all your cleaning needs Bakker’s has expertise in cleaning a wide variety of apparel and household items, from antique fabrics to shirts and ties to your favorite old stuffed animal and more. If you didn’t see your item in our list, just give us a call at the store most convenient for you. Chances are, we can clean it – and we’ve probably done it before!

We have available for purchase at all of our stores selected products that will help you maintain your wardrobe and home:

  • Lint Rollers
  • Lint Roller Refills
  • Collar Stays
  • Collar Expanders
  • Fuzz Combs
  • Fuzz Bricks
  • Electric Fuzz Shaver
  • Carpet Spot Removal Solution
  • Collar stay Card
  • Hanging Cedar Block
  • Cedar Drawer Balls
  • Reusable Garment bags to be used in place of plastic bags